All because of greed….

I was having lunch with a friend today when she told me a story about turtle soup (yes, a turtle) when she a little girl. She remembers her mom putting a turtle in a pot to make soup. You must be wondering…. wtf?  There’s a Chinese saying ” Any creatures with it’s back facing the sky, can be eaten”. It’s lucky human’s backs are not facing up!   She then told me how back a few years she wanted to be a vegetarian because of all the cruelty. It was very difficult because she loves eating meat.  That was actually my case too. 

In my opinion, eating meat is not really the problem. The problem is the reason behind. Humans eat to survive, so that we don’t need to starve. Sadly, over decades, humans eat because of greed! 

(Gluttony: Photo from Yahoo!)

We over kill animals for food. It’s not a necessity anymore, it’s more like a lifestyle. Wagyu beef, foie gras, tuna….. sometimes the left overs just end up in the bin. What a waste! Some people order these delicacies just because they have money to spend. They don’t really appreciate the food itself. It’s just sad to think there are people starving in other parts of the world while people here on the opposite side are eating and drinking excessively, literally eating more than they can chew. ūüėĘ


The Portuguese Rooster

The famous Portuguese Rooster or the Rooster of Barcelos (Galo de Barcelos) is one of the most popular emblems of Portugal.  It was said that this miracle rooster helped saved an innocent man from being hung to death.

So according to the legend, a man from Galicia just happened to pass through Barcelos (city in northwest Portugal) on a pilgramage but was accused of stealing silver from a landowner.  He  was, of course, arrested and condemned to death by hanging.  Even though he insisted his innocence, nobody cared.  He requested to see the judge who was having  a dinner feast with his friends at the magistrate.  Affirming his innocence, he pointed at the roasted rooster on the plate at the dinner table and said his innocence is as certain as that rooster will crow when his time comes.  Annoyed, the judge pushed away the plate and ignored his plea. The Galician was then brought to the gallow to be hung. As he was hanging there, the rooster on the plate stood up and crowed! The judge, shocked by what he saw, ran to the gallow only to see the Galician alive because of a faulty rope.

Some years later, the Galician returned to Barcelos to carve a crucifix for the Lord of the Rooster.  This stone sculpture is now located at the Archaeological Museum of Barcelos.

There are actually some other versions of the legend of the Rooster but they all involves a dead rooster that crowed to prove the innocence of a man.DSC_5465

Above is a photo of a decorative Galo de Barcelos that I took which is located at Albergue 1601, Macau.

Lotus Flower

June is the month for Lotus flowers displays in Macau. ¬†Every June, for the past 17 years, Lotus flowers were potted or planted all over the streets and alleys in Macau, in sightseeing spots, tourist attractions and major public parks. ¬†The Lotus Flower Festival only lasts for just a week though. ¬†Many photographers take this chance to shoot beautiful photos of the Lotus. ¬†Why Lotus? Aside from being a beautiful flower with vibrant colours, it’s the city flower of Macau! Even our flag has a Lotus flower in it.

Last week, I happened to be at one of the spots (Chapel of St. Francis Xavier, Coloane Island) and since I love taking photos, I wouldn’t miss the chance! ¬†Next week, I’ll be going to, I guess, one of spots with the largest display of Lotus with some friends. Hopefully, I can take some really nice photos!

Yes! I’m a CAT person.

This is my cat that I recently adopted. His name is King Imaw (E-mao). He is (as I was told) around 2 years old. He’s very handsome, I love him! He has quite an attitude too when he gets too excited I must say, he’ll attack your toes, calf, hands & arms! >.< But still he’s soooo cute.  It’s been 5-6 years since I had a pet cat. My previous cat died of old age, she was 18 human years old.

Imaw was found by a ‘cat volunteer’ roaming on the street and was brought to a pet shop all cleaned, vaccines and sterilizied ready for adoption.  I saw him in this FB page for animals waiting for adoption and I fell in love with him.  He was there for like weeks and I thought, he must be taken already….. but nope! He was still there waiting for someone like me )333 And yes! I took he immediately. I was really glad he adapted to his new environment in just a few days, he’s now very relaxed and acts like a King obviously!


First blog post

Ok…. This is my very first blog in my entire life! Well, this blog is basically for me to share anything I think is worth sharing: could be a book I read, a movie I watched, a restaurant I went to or even just something I saw that I find interesting!  I’m hoping to share too my insights about life…. or the world we live in.  Hope readers could also share what they think.  But please…. no arguments here, just discussions. Life is already full of conflicts and hatred! I don’t need this kind of negative energy in this blog.

I don’t know how often I can write my blogs but I’ll try! Wish you all well and happy sharing!! )333